The Art of Choosing a Blog Name

I had the day off today and I spent much of it trying to come up with a name for my blog.  I spent quite some time jotting down words and phrases but nothing felt right.  I wanted a name that not only sounds good but that also represents all that I hope to express in my writing. I wanted it to convey meaning; an all-inclusive title, a means to encompass it all, my daily experiences with stress, my never-ending fears and worries, but also my hope and my faith and my desire to learn to live again.  I started to think such a title was impossible.  No name could possibly portray all that I want it to.

Later that evening when I shifted my focus onto something else, the name appeared to me.  It became clear that all that I want to discuss and to share and to express is all that I live and all the obstacles that I overcome day to day, moment by moment.  It is simply me, living my life, trying to learn and trying to grow.  Simply me, simply Sil.


If you had to come up with a name to describe you and your life what would it be?  Does it describe you well?  Does it incorporate all of the qualities and struggles that make up the multifaceted you?  How can one word or a few words rightly depict who we are?  Such a great exercise to help evaluate the real us and to tap into how we perceive ourselves.  What would you name or what have you named your blog?  What would be the title of your life?



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