Spring Has Sprung, Inside & Out

The sun shines brightly today.  Spring is finally showing its face.
I can feel it inside me too.  I am making a real effort to be happy and to find joy in the little things, in everything.  My determination to change my mindset is evident but the sunshine certainly helps.  Bright skies, chirping birds, light breeze, blooming flowers and green everywhere!


For me, spring is a time of growth, of hope.  It sparks in me the memories of beautiful moments in the past spent under the glistening sun, watching my kids run barefoot across the grass.  I can hear their laughter and can see their smiles.  My body fills with joy.

Spring has sprung, inside and out!

Just as January brings with it a sense of new beginnings, so does spring.  It is a time to be freer, to wear less clothes, to fill our glasses with ice, to dip our feet in the water.  It is a time of cleansing and organizing, of cleaning and decluttering.  A time to shake off all the gloom from the dying winter and to embrace the heat of the sun with open arms.  A time to start fresh.

When I think about it, it would be wise to create a mid-year resolution.  Is this not the perfect time?  I’ve already had almost a half a year to witness my failure to complete, let alone barely begin, any of the New Year’s resolutions I eagerly made in January.  I am in a perfect position to evaluate what isn’t working, why it isn’t working and can identify new goals or modify my previous ones to better suit my current state.  Mid-year resolutions!  Yes!  Is that a thing?  It should totally be a thing!

Now that you’ve had some time to live through this new year, take the time to do your own evaluation.  What is working, what isn’t working?  Are you where you envisioned you’d be at this time in the year?  Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing, achieving what you had hoped to achieve?  If the answer is “no”, it’s really not too late.  Do you have new hopes, new goals, or do you need to tweek your old ones?  Maybe you just need a little reminder, a revival of the desire that made you set that goal in the first place; a little kick in the ass, perhaps?  Do you have any new resolutions or have you done well with the ones you set back in January?


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