Mothers Need Their Own Time Too

It’s the little things that bring me joy.  Getting to catch up on my favourite television show while indulging in a little treat while the kids snooze off to dream land.  It is a much needed indulgence.  My opportunity to let go of stress from the past day and to refuel for the next.

Oftentimes, we as mothers may feel guilty when we make time for ourselves.  Why is that?  It is crucial to let go of this guilt and to allow ourselves this time.

A happy, well-balanced woman makes for a happy, well-functioning mother.  We all need a little more time to ourselves.  Time to relax, time to have fun, time to do things we no longer do on a normal basis.  Why should we feel or be made to feel guilty of this basic, human need?

The moment I became a mother I thought that my life was now my son’s life.  I was willing and thought it was right to dedicate my whole life, my whole future to him, to his nurturing, to his growth, to his well-being.  I stopped doing things for myself, I stopped going places I didn’t think were fit of a new mom.  I missed my best friend’s bachelorette trip because I just couldn’t leave my son.  I was his mother, he needed me.  It took a good couple of years for me to recognize that this was unhealthy and not natural at all.  I realized I needed time for me too, and my son could totally use a break from his overprotective mama!  I needed to find the right balance between being a mother, being a wife, and being my own person.

I still struggle with this sometimes, but I have gotten much, much better at it.  Like now for example, instead of folding towels, I’m watching the tube & scarfing down ice cream.  Laundry can wait.


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