Coconut Cake

I chose to make a coconut cake for a potluck at work a few months back.

I came across the recipe which reminded me of something I had eaten in my home country.  Such sweet memories.  I knew I had to try my hand at it.

By the time I began baking the cake it was already 8pm and although exhausted, I was determined to make this thing from scratch.

There is something to be said about creating something to be enjoyed by others.  Whether it is a piece of art, or music, or food, I think we can all relate to this wonderful sense of fulfillment.

It was a messy process.  Lots of bowls, flour everywhere and constant hand-washing due to my fear of salmonella poisoning (no joke).  The end result may not have been perfect but I was happy.  It was fluffy and sweet and delicious and quite lovely to look at.


The cake was a hit with my coworkers and it felt so good to create something from nothing.  What started as a list of ingredients and a mess on my counters ended as this beautiful tray of sweets.

I had an epiphany after making this cake.  The happiness & sense of fulfillment I felt in making the cake is possible to feel in all aspects of my life.

Creating from nothing, making something.  I am a creator.
Meals & treats to share, games & activities for my kids, plans & goals for myself & my family.
When I fill journals and notebooks, I am creating.
When I go to work I am compiling, I am producing.
I have purpose, we all have purpose.
We all create, we all produce in some capacity, in one form or another.

We must merely recognize that our actions throughout the day help to create and modify, mold and transform.

We are all creators by nature and we all have the ability to make great things.

When we become aware and when we allow it to be, life can be so sweet;
One bite, one taste, one moment at a time.


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