I recently started drinking coffee again a few months ago.  At first because I ran out of decaf, but then I began preferring the taste and enjoyed the ability to function during the day without the overwhelming desire to drop everything and nap!

I was struggling with the way it made me feel.  The caffeine put me in this state of heightened awareness where my emotions were stronger and my mind raced.
Thoughts everywhere!
I had stopped drinking coffee many times before for this reason, but recently I thought, if only I could control these feelings, I could enjoy being awake!

And so, I did.20160814_115953

I learned I needed my coffee in the morning to start my day, to productively check off my list of all of my to-do’s.  So after some time, the effect of the caffeine became less alarming and I learned to love drinking coffee again.  I was obsessed with coffee as a child.  Family members would let me sneak sips behind my mom’s back.  It was deliciously rich and always satisfying.  I couldn’t wait to be an adult so that I could drink as much coffee as I wanted, at my own leisure without anyone telling me that I couldn’t and that it would stunt my growth.

And now here I am, standing proudly at 5’2 with a coffee in one hand and a notebook in the other.  It feels great to be awake!

Are you a coffee lover?  A tea-drinker?  Or do you prefer energy drinks or smoothies?  What is your drink of choice in the morning?  What helps you to wake up and start your day?



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